Mansfield twins to be split for first time following successful A-level results

Megan and Nicole Sandford.
Megan and Nicole Sandford.

Identical twins from Warsop who are "inseparable" will be split for the first time in their lives after accepting university places in different cities.

Megan and Nicole Sandford received their results from Meden College and, after 18 years living almost the same life, will soon begin their own horizons in separate parts of the country.

Ray Chen, Mason Broadhead, Sam Fairweather and Tom Youd celebrate their results at Meden College.

Ray Chen, Mason Broadhead, Sam Fairweather and Tom Youd celebrate their results at Meden College.

The 18-year-old sisters have been side-by-side throughout life and have many of the same interests, as well as sharing similar results - with Megan receiving two Bs and a D, and Nicole securing three Cs.

Both siblings are "very pleased" with their results, but for the first time in their life they are off to study in different places, doing different courses - Megan to Wolverhampton to study midwifery, and Nicole to Leeds Beckett to study psychology.

Faced with the prospect of being apart for the very first time in their lives, Nicole said: “I don’t think being apart will be a big problem because we can go and visit each other regularly.

"Leeds and Wolverhampton are not that far away.”


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Megan, who has always wanted to be a midwife, hasn’t really thought about being apart from her sister until results day.

She said: “It will be really nice to just be identified as Megan as opposed to being one half of a twin.

"I'm excited to be starting my chosen subject in a complete change of scenery."

The twins were not the only success stories to come from the Warsop college.

High-achiever Rhys Temple, who got an A*, an A and two Bs, will be moving to the University of Bath to study mathematics in September.

Rhys said: “My ambition is to become an academic and I think the key to success is to remain focused.

"It’s important to have a good balance between working and relaxation but also to look at the bigger picture; to know where you want to go and what you would like to do.

"Above all I’m really looking forward to meeting other like-minded people and to meet new friends.”

Other high achievers included Tom Youd, who secured an A in business and two Bs in maths and media, and Sam Fairweather, who gained two As and a B.

Tom was a little shell shocked by his results and, after processing them for a short time, said: “I can’t believe I have done it.

"After my first maths paper, I was totally convinced I was going to fail - it was so hard, I could have cried.”

Sam said: “I am over the moon with my results. All of my hard work has paid off.

"I am really looking forward to the social side of university; meeting new friends from all walks of life and concentrating on a subject I have real passion for.”