Kirkby resident releases music video dedicated to Nag's Head Clock

Keith Gore performing at the opening ceremony.
Keith Gore performing at the opening ceremony.

A musician from Kirkby has partnered with Ashfield District Council to release a music video dedicated to the newly-refurbished Nag's Head Clock.

Keith Gore, 62, an avid musician, has lived in Kirkby for his whole life and said the clock was a "heartbeat" landmark not just for Kirkby but for himself.

He saw it as a focal point in the town, something which gave Kirkby identity, and so he decided to write a song about it in 2012.

The song, aptly titled Nag's Head Clock, focuses on life in Kirkby and aims to give a positive take on what it is like to be from the town.


Kirkby's Nag's Head clock has 'brought the heartbeat back into town'
Iconic Nag clock to be put into storage
However, once Keith finished writing the song and recording it at his home in 2013, the decision was made by the council to take down the clock and put it in storage.

Keith with Councillor Tony Brewer, vice-chairman of Ashfield District Council.

Keith with Councillor Tony Brewer, vice-chairman of Ashfield District Council.

Keith said he had "sat on the song" for five years until he was approached by Ashfield District Council in late 2018 and, when asked about his priorities for the town, he said the clock "should be brought back".

This is when he was told by council officials that the clock was to be brought back and, when he found out the news he mentioned that he had written the song - and was eventually asked to perform it at the opening ceremony.

He then partnered with the council to record a music video for the song, featuring clips of Keith in iconic places across Kirkby.

Speaking about the clock and the song, Keith said: "The town lost its heartbeat when the clock came down.

"I wrote a song about the clock literally right before they decided to take it down, with the song being about the town and one of its biggest landmarks.

"I wanted to write a song that was about Kirkby people, about the town and for it to be a catchy poppy song - not a negative take on the town.

"Although Kirkby is not perfect we all love it, and the clock is something that symbolises the town and is a big part of the town centre.

"I had sat on the song for a few years and when councillors knocked on my door to find out my biggest concerns I told them about the clock, mentioned that I had a song and they asked me to send them a copy.

"They loved it and gave me the opportunity to sing at the launch.

"I think the heritage centre deserve a lot of credit for this, because their petition helped start this movement up and I know it means a lot to them."


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