Iconic Nag clock to be put into storage

Nags Head clock, Kirkby.
Nags Head clock, Kirkby.

Campaigners are concerned for the future of Kirkby’s Nag clock after the district council plan to put it into storage.

The clock has been an iconic part of Kirkby since 1960 and campaigners want to keep it that way in the midst of plans to transform the town centre.

A petition was set up in the town’s Heritage Centre on Thursday (31st October) and has so far received around 30 signatures.

But campaigners fear that if the clock, which stands outside the Nag’s Head, is taken into storage it will not come back out again, in favour of a newer structure in the town’s regeneration plan.

Chris Kidger, who set up the campaign group and runs Kirkby’s Heritage Centre, said: “My concern is that the council are going to take the clock down in hope that the people of Kirkby might forget about it.

“In this area of Kirkby there are not many old buildings anymore because they seem to want to get rid of everything.

“The Nags clock is one of the last standing iconic parts of the town’s past, if we get rid of that too there will be no reminder of Kirkby’s history left.”

An Ashfield District Council spokesperson said the relocation of the clock is subject to its condition.

“The town clock will be removed and put into storage prior to relocation at a suitable site.

“The relocation is subject to the condition of the clock and refurbishment,” They said.

A Facebook group called Save The Nags Clock has also been set up and has gained 104 members in support.

George Slack, chairman of Ashfield Homes Tenants and Residents Association, said: “It is a disgrace to take the clock away in favour of some modern structure which has no link to Kirkby at all.

“I have lived in Kirkby for 37 years and slowly Kirkby is losing its heritage, we can’t lose the Nag clock too.”