Mansfield woman ‘appalled’ at treatment of her mother in King’s Mill Hospital

A Mansfield woman has hit out at staff in King’s Mill Hospital for the “abhorrent treatment” of her vulnerable mother.

Joanne Robertson, 32, says hospital staff were “abusive, unhelpful and unprofessional” to her mother Jackie, 58, who recently suffered her third stroke.

Joanne Robertson pictured with her father Neil Robertson

Joanne Robertson pictured with her father Neil Robertson

Joanne, who used to be a care assistant herself, claims that staff on the ward “shouted” at her mother for “wetting herself” without pulling a chord to notify staff, which she said was placed next to Jackie on the “side of her recent stroke”.

She also hit out at the treatment of her mother following discharge from the ward, which she says was done “unprofessionally” and did not see the “correct assessments” set up for her recovery.

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She said: “To be honest the treatment of my mum has been absolutely diabolical.

King's Mill Hospital in Sutton.

King's Mill Hospital in Sutton.

“She was rushed in with the stroke in January and while she was there she was shouted at by a nurse because she kept wetting herself and they told her to ring the chord or shout, but it was on the affected side and I don’t think they even thought about the fact she couldn’t reach it.

“While there her medicine wasn’t given correctly, she probably only had two showers in the entire time she was there and the eventual discharge was so unprofessional.

“Staff argued about whether she was ready for a discharge yet which concerned me first of all, and when they sent a physio to look her over at home they sent the wrong equipment and couldn’t decide if she was suitable for a hospital home bed.

“My dad Neil is also having to quit his job to look after mum and this has all been very stressful on both of them.

“I’m sick of being fobbed off whenever I’m calling up, all I keep getting when I call them up is that someone will call me back, and none of the problems are getting sorted.

“I’ve launched a complaint with the hospital because I want it to be known I am not happy with the abhorrent treatment she received.”

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A spokesman for Sherwood Forest Hospitals confirmed that a complaint has been lodged and will be investigated.

He said: “We can confirm that we have received a complaint from Mrs Robertson, which will be investigated and handled appropriately.

“The trust cannot comment on individual cases due to patient confidentiality, however we are committed to listening to the views of patients and the public about the care we provide. 

“We take complaints very seriously and have a strong internal structure for the investigation of complaints, which ensures that action is taken, the effectiveness of the actions are monitored and support is given to both practitioners and complainants to help rectify the situation.

“The trust has an early supported discharge team who provide specialist rehabilitation for stroke patients in their own homes for up to six weeks following discharge.

“Along with this patients are followed up by the stroke consultants in clinic where they are reviewed and any issues can be raised.

“We wish Mrs Robertson all the best in her recovery.”

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