10 things you're doing that are invalidating your car insurance

We all know that having car insurance is a legal requirement for motorists.

Ten things you're doing that are invalidating your car insurance
Ten things you're doing that are invalidating your car insurance

But if your insurance company doesn't hold the correct information about you, or you don't update them on changes of circumstances, your policy may not be valid. Online parts supplier CarParts4Less.co.uk have advised motorists of ten easy to make mistakes that may be invalidating their car insurance.

Car insurance premiums can vary depending on the postcode as some areas have higher rates of thefts and break-ins. Not putting the address where your car stays every night could see your insurer refusing to pay any claims.
If you use your car to get to work, even if its only a few times a month then your policy must cover commuting. And if you use your car for any other work purposes, such as going to meetings, you'll need business cover.
Car modifications can affect your insurance premium if they increase the likelihood of an accident or increase the likelihood of theft. Optional add ons for new cars, including something like fitting a SatNav, can have an impact.
Insurance companies should be informed of small bumps or minor accidents even if you don't intend to claim. This helps if the other driver changes their mind and decides to claim, or if you need to claim after future incidents
Insurance for young drivers often costs more and some people try to get round this by having a low-risk driver like a parent as the main policy holder and adding the real motorist as a named driver.But you can go to court for this
Your annual mileage is one of the factors used to calculate your premium; the higher the mileage, the higher the cost. Its possible your insurance provider will not pay a claim if your mileage is higher than what youve estimated
If you are driving with your pet in the car, you are legally required to make sure they are secured. If you crash with an unsecured pet in the car, its likely that your insurance company will refuse to pay for your claim.
Friends or family may have policies allowing them to drive other peoples cars, but its unlikely they cover damage to the vehicle in an accident. Your policy may only cover damage that happens with a named driver in the car
Your occupation is one of the factors used to determine your risk profile, so its important to update your insurance company if you change jobs or occupations. Failure to do so may mean claims can be denied by your insurer.
Some policies specifically exclude cover for car sharing, whether you make a profit or not. For policies that do allow it, it may be void if you make a profit - many say you can only make enough to cover petrol and driving costs