Mansfield MP says Wales' smacking ban is an 'over-reach' of the state

As Wales introduces a new law to criminalise smacking children, Mansfield MP Ben Bradley sought to gauge his constituents' views with a poll, with many agreeing that the ban would be a step too far by our government.

Tuesday, 22nd March 2022, 5:03 pm

Posting in the MP’s ‘Mansfield Constituents’ group, Mr Bradley gave his views, echoing those of fellow Ashfield MP Lee Anderson, on the new law which had been hailed as a ‘historic moment’ for children’s rights by the Welsh government.

Running a poll for his constituents, he asked for people’s opinions after giving his view, which was that the ban in place in both Scotland and Wales was an example of ‘the over-reach of the state’ and that it was important to differentiate between ‘smacking’ and ‘beating’.

The overwhelming majority voted against a smacking ban, with 212 out of 254 votes siding with the MP, with only 36 votes agreeing that the ban should be in place, and six constituents saying they were ‘unsure’ on the subject.

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The MP has spoken out about Wales' new smacking ban.

His post in the group said: "So Welsh and Scottish Governments have both now banned 'smacking' your kids, for which you can face criminal prosecution.

“My own view is that, whilst obviously there is a line here – 'smacking' is not the same as, or an excuse for 'beating' – I do think that it's for parents and not for Government to decide how they discipline their children.

"We have safeguarding rules and practices already.

"My view is that this is another example of the 'over-reach' of the state.”

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