Ashfield MP Lee Anderson hits out at Wales' smacking ban - and his followers agree

As Wales introduces a new law to criminalise smacking children, Ashfield MP Lee Anderson confirms he does not agree with ‘interference from the law’ for parents.

Tuesday, 22nd March 2022, 12:10 pm

Posting on his MP page, Mr Anderson gave his views on the new law, which the Welsh government had hailed as a ‘historic moment’ for children’s rights.

Experts have now called for England to follow suit, however the MP’s post suggests his followers stand by the MP’s viewpoint.

Recounting his experience as a single father and admitting that, on occasion, he ‘smacked them for being naughty’, the MP received more than 500 responses.

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The MP posted his views online

He posted: “I was a single parent to my boys and there were times when they were growing up that I smacked them for being naughty.

“When a loving parent smacks a child, it affects the parent as well.

"I would feel terrible for days afterwards, but I would think back to my childhood where I received a smack when I was naughty.

“It’s important to remember that smacking does not have to be child cruelty, but in Labour's Wales smacking is now a crime.

“Responsible loving parents should be allowed to parent without interference from the law.”

One of the MP’s Top Fans, Beverley Morris-Beadell agreed.

She said: “My mum dished out any discipline when I stepped out of line.

"I was a single parent for a while, my son got the odd smack and he’s grown up respectful and responsible.

"He has no issues with my parenting.”

Sara Jane Brooks disagreed though, commenting: “The problem with this, is the parents who will use this when they’re abusive to their children.

"’My kids were being naughty so I hit them’.

"I also think age is a massive factor – teenage years, yes but any younger than that I disagree as they’re still kids learning about life.

"I was smacked as a child and it just made me full of rage as I was growing up.”

The MP added: “Governments should not criminalise caring and loving parents who feel that a gentle slap at the back of the legs may be necessary to help a child learn right from wrong.

“Most people agree with my sentiments, but parents who are cruel to their children should be locked up and not be allowed around children every again.”

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