Patients have been shown secret footage of disgraced dentist

Patients of disgraced dentist Desmond D’Mello were given a chance to view the video recordings that led to his downfall says NHS England, despite reports that legal action is being taken to release the footage.

Reports have emerged that proceedings were being put in place to challenge NHS England to release the footage of staff secretly recording the dentist’s unhygienic methods at the Daybrook Dental Practice in Arnold.

Tens of thousands of patients across Nottinghamshire were asked to come forward last year to be tested for HIV and Hepatitis after it was found that he had not cleaned dental instruments between patients. Five people have so far tested positive for Hepatitis C.

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A spokesperson for NHS England said: “We wrote to the individuals concerned to offer them the opportunity to view the footage of their treatment at our offices.

“Our investigations and actions with regard to Mr D’Mello and his fitness to practice are complete, and we have supplied any evidence we have to the General Dental Council for its own investigations.”

A press conference was called in Mansfield last November to urge patients of the dentist to step forward to be tested for blood-borne viruses because of his poor hygiene standards.

D’Mello was suspended has since sought voluntary ‘erasure’ from the General Dental Council (GDC) register.