Britain finally has a Government that is committed to delivering Brexit

Ben Bradley MP
Ben Bradley MP

As I head back to Westminster this week, it's clear that we're reaching the climax of the Brexit debate, writes Ben Bradley MP.

For the first time though in the three years, it feels like Britain finally has a Government committed to delivering on the result of the referendum.

I shared my own frustrations openly during Theresa May’s time in office.

I was never convinced she was determined to deliver Brexit, but things are different now.

However, I am still feeling a little apprehensive, to be honest.

It’s a big week.

If remain-supporting MPs are going to force a General Election by dragging down the Government in an attempt to stop Brexit, they have to do it this week.

If they are going to collude with others to come up with some law or amendment they can pass to prevent Britain from leaving, they only have this week to sort it out.

It’s their last chance to prevent this Prime Minister from getting the job done but, unlike last time, this PM is absolutely determined to get over that line and have Britain out on October 31.

This is the Government I have been longing for since I was elected.

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It’s a ‘proper’ Conservative administration with big ideas.

This week in the spending review the Government is setting out positive new plans to improve funding for schools and the police among other things, issues that have been at the top of my agenda.

At the same time, whether you agree or disagree with his tactics, it’s undeniable that the PM is getting on with Brexit and it seems for the minute like he’s winning.

It seems like he’s outfoxed Labour and the Lib Dems, and it seems like he’s going to deliver.

I want to be part of a team in Government that gets things done and delivers on bold promises for improvements and reforms.

We’ve sat for too long waiting and delaying and talking round in circles, but this Government is here to drive things forward once more.

This week is monumental for Brexit and I’m backing the PM to deliver.