Fishing tackle among items taken in latest Mansfield crimes

Police have released details of the latest crimes in and around Mansfield.
Police have released details of the latest crimes in and around Mansfield.

Burglars have been active across Mansfield

Police in Mansfield have released details of the latest crimes reported to them.

It covers the period between noon on July 31 and noon on August 6.

Berry Hill
On August 3, at about 12.25pm, police received reports of a break in on Lichfield Lane.The offender used a crowbar to try to get through a kitchen window. He is described as white and wearing a black shoulder-less T-shirt and blue jeans and carrying a grey, hooded top.
Between 4.45pm on August 5 and 6.45am the following day, a yellow Terex 800 Roller was stolen from a building site on Black Scotch Lane.

Between 6pm on July 30 and noon the following day, a 4000 watt invertor and a battery charger were stolen from a camper van parked on Titchfield Street, after the runner was forced from the passenger window and the glass removed.
A blue Vauxhall Vectra was stolen from the car park of a pub on Chesterfield Road South on August 5, between 9.20-11.20pm.

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A Roadmaster mobility scooter and fishing equipment were stolen from an outbuilding on Hall Street between 5pm on August 3 and 9am the following day after the latch which holds the padlock was forced off.
Copper piping and power cables were stolen from the Forest Hospital on Southwell Road West sometime on July 27-28. It is believed a vehicle would have been needed to remove the items.
A shed on Maltby Road was broken into on August 4, at about 4.30am.
A large telescope and a Tarmac Road Bike with identifiable signatures were stolen from a summerhouse on Big Barn Lane between July 31 and 1.40pm on August 4.
Loose change and some medication have been taken after a car on Richmond Street was broken into between 7.15pm on August 1 and noon on August 2 and an untidy search of the glove box carried out.

Forest Town
Cash and a rotavator were stolen after three steel containers and a stable on Kingsway allotments were broken into between 5.30pm on August 1 and 7.45am the following day.

Grange Farm
A Dewalt cordless drill and tools were stolen from a van on Hermitage Lane between 2pm on August 5 and 4.45am the following day.
A crowbar is believed to have been used to smash the passenger window of a car parked on Grange Avenue between 11pm on August 5 and 6am the following day, after the paintwork was damaged, although nothing was stolen.

Office equipment was stolen after offenders used a crowbar to force open a ground-floor window at a car dealership place on Oak Tree Lane on August 1, at about 3.30am.
A Finnis motorbike was stolen from the rear garden of a property on Barton Courton August 4, at about 2am.
Fishing tackle was stolen after the back window of a vehicle on Bradmore Court was smashed between 9.30pm on August 5 and 5am the following day.

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Oak Tree
A vehicle on Bramble Lane was broken into after the victim, who had left it locked, noticed the rear door was ajar. It was reported to police on August 5.

Pleasley Hill/Bull Farm
Police were informed of suspicious activity on Chesterfield Road North on August 1, at about 5pm, after a neighbour of an address sighted some people looking at their car and when challenged they asked if the vehicle was for sale.

An electric black Carrera Vengence bike was stolen from outside Sainsburys on Nottingham Road, Mansfield, despite having been chained up, on July 31, between 11.30am and noon.

A vehicle was stolen from a garage on Old Mill Lane Industrial Estate, Hallam Way, between 3pm on August 3 and 7am on August 5.

A TV was stolen after burglars broke into a property on Sherwood Hall Road through a rear conservatory possibly about 8.30am on August 2.
A purse and sat-nav were stolen after a car on Terrace Road was broken into overnight on July 31.
A suitcase containing clothes was stolen after a Mini convertible had its roof slashed on Edgar Avenue between 3pm on August 4 and 9am the following day.

Robin Hood/Sherwood
An untidy search was carried out after burglars entered a property on Thoresby Road through a rear, ground-floor living room window, left open due to the warm weather, between 10pm on July 31 and 7.30am the following day.
A number plate was stolen from a vehicle on Slant Lane on August 2, between 5pm and 7pm.

Warsop/Birklands/Church Warsop
A red and grey electric golf trolley was been stolen from a garage on Glannis Square. It was reported to police on August 1.

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A Nottinghamshire Police spokesman said: " If you have any information relating to the above criminal activity - e.g. did you or anyone you know witness one of the incidents, do you know the person responsible is, have you noticed any suspicious activity prior to any incident, or do you have any CCTV footage that may be of any help - please contact Nottinghamshire Police's Mansfield Safer neighbourhood team on, or call 101."