New Top Gear host Freddie Flintoff relives his Mansfield crash

Cherished former England cricketer and new host of BBC's Top Gear Freddie Flintoff has relived the time he crashed a Subaru car in Mansfield town centre.

Mr Flintoff, who became host of the hit BBC car show earlier this year, appeared in Mansfield with fellow co-hosts Paddy McGuinness and Chris Harris in February to film in the town.

Freddie Flintoff, Paddy McGuinness and Chris Harris in Mansfield.

Freddie Flintoff, Paddy McGuinness and Chris Harris in Mansfield.

He has spoken out as the episode arrives on our screens this Sunday, June 23, with Mansfield taking over the television and being put in the spotlight.

During the event, the Top Gear trio raced around a circuit in Mansfield to see how many times they could get around the track in 24 minutes - paying homage to Le Mans' 24-hour race with the 24 minute Le Mansfield trial.


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While on the race, Mr Flintoff crashed his electric Subaru car into a Mansfield market stall, delaying the filming process for at least half an hour.

The crash. Picture: SWNS.

The crash. Picture: SWNS.

With the episode set to air this Sunday, Mr Flintoff has relived the crash which caused social media to go crazy.

When asked if he had any accidents, Mr Flintoff said: "I rolled a hearse. And I gave a market stall in Mansfield a bit of a nudge. It was slippy in Mansfield. But I did offer to pay for the stall!"

Speaking on the chance of hosting the show, he added: "We spent a lot of time during filming just laughing. Obviously, it is about the car - it is a car show. But it’s so much fun to make.

"I also love the opportunity to travel. I’ve been lucky that since I've retired from cricket, I've had some jobs which have taken me round the world, and that’s been great fun. But this has been special.

"I’ve been to Ethiopia, Borneo and Iceland. Travelling with Paddy is brilliant, too. He’s like a man who’s opened his eyes for the first time! He’s a fantastic travel companion."

Speaking following the filming, Mr Flintoff commented that Mansfield had been "so accommodating".

He said: "We're here filming for Top Gear, and I'll tell you what, Mansfield has been so accommodating.

"Everyone's looked after us. There's signs everywhere saying 'Visit Mansfield' so go and have a look - it's lovely.

"If the council don't put a blue plaque up in part of the market for my crash, I'm going to be very upset!"