On the tee...draw made for 2015 Lee Westwood Junior Championship

The draw for the Lee Westwood Junior Championship 2015 has been made, ahead of Monday’s tournament at Worksop Golf Club.

Tuesday, 21st July 2015, 4:54 pm

Tee times

09.33 Brad Tomlinson (0) Worksop, Connor Stansbury (2) Worksop, Callum Barlow (2) Worksop.

09.42 Kyle Thorpe (4) Worksop, Daniel Fitzackerley (5) Kilton Forest, Cameron Steedman (4) Mapperley.

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09.51 Tony Smith (6) Worksop, George Nicholson (6) Wortley, Sam Barker-Sabido (6) Tapton Park.

10.00 Tom Collins (8) Wortley, Ewen Pickersgill (8) Lindrick, Joe Turner-Bennett (7) Worksop.

10.09 Ryan Wright (9) Rufford Park, Corey Bell (8) Serlby Park.

10.18 Jacob Barlow (8) Ramsdale Park, Harry Beckwith (9) Worksop.

10.27 Jack Sipos (10) Ruddington, Lewis Burke (11) South Chesterfield, Owen Barlow (17) Ramsdale Park.

10.36 Jacey Peacock (11) Rufford Park, Adam Geelan (11) Birley Wood, Matthew Barker (14) Ruddington.

10.45 Samuel Allen (11) Hollinwell, William Hammond (12) Ramsdale, Jack Barker-Sabido (11) Tapton Park.

10.54 Harry Emmingham (14) Birley Wood, Aaron Viggers (27) Stanton OTW, Henry Hayward (12) Kedleston Park.

11.03 Georgina Viggars (24) Stanton OTW, Emma Hammond (24) Ramsdale Katie Leck (27) Ruddington.

11.12 Lewis Harrison (15) Birley Wood, Daniel Plant (16) Bondhay, Caitlin Arnold (20) Nottinghamshire.

11.21 Oliver Harrison (23) Birley Wood, Adam Plant (25) Bondhay, Harrison Kaye (23) Bondhay.

11.30 Oliver Kaye (19) Bondhay, Matthew Taylor (26) Bondhay, Keane Barson (16) Styrrup.

11.39 Benjamin Kaye (28) Bondhay, Taran Hayer (23) Mapperley, Ben Walker (18) Oakmere Park.

11.48 Thomas Wood (22) Bondhay, Euan Burridge (20) Norwood, George Cordall (28) Retford .

11.57 Harry Melbourne (21) Bondhay Oliver Neal (27) Lees Hall, George Smart (18) Norwood.

12.06 Greg Melbourne (27) Bondhay, Jedd Pressley (19) Worksop, Jacob Creed (26) Coxmoor.

12.15 Kathleen Robertson (25) Southwell, Tyla Tesh (25) Rufford Park, Matthew Simmons (28) Bondhay.

12.24 Charlotte Robertson (23) Southwell, Jack Greaves (25) Rother Valley, Thomas Broadley (18) Birley Wood.

Any golfer who has a query about the tee times allocated can call Worksop Golf Club on 01909 477731.

Please make sure you arrive at Worksop Golf Club in plenty of time on Monday, and please adhere to the dress code: Golf shoes must be worn on the course but must not be worn in any area of the clubhouse except the changing rooms.

Denim jeans and jackets, sweatshirts and trainers are prohibited, both on the course and in the clubhouse.

Shirts must have collars and be tucked into trousers/shorts at all times.

Mock/turtle neck shirts are allowed provided they are a recognised golf brand.

Trousers must not be tucked into socks and baseball caps or any other headwear should be removed when in the clubhouse.

Shorts are allowed and must be tailored and knee-length and worn with either knee-length socks or predominantly white short socks.

Smart casual dress may be worn in the lounge and bar and in the dining room. In inclement weather players are expected to change out of the clothes in which they played before entering the lounge, bar or dining room.

Please also note that the use of mobile telephones is prohibited on the course and in the clubhouse except for medical/accident emergencies.

We hope that you enjoy the day, and we’re sure that all golfers will ensure the competition is played in the right spirit.

Good luck!