Central Midlands Football League hopes to play on

The Central MIdlands Football League are looking at ways to finish the 2020/21 league season.

Friday, 26th February 2021, 7:39 am
Updated Friday, 26th February 2021, 7:44 am
The CMFL are exploring ways to finish the season.
The CMFL are exploring ways to finish the season.

It follows a u-turn from the FA on Thursday afternoon which now says Premier Division North and South will have the opportunity of playing on until June 30th.

League bosses are now consulting with clubs over potential options to continue football.

Paul Vallis, Chairman & Secretary, Central Midlands Football League, said: “it is the function and purpose of the CMFL to encourage and facilitate the playing of football within the league for all member clubs.

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“After three months of inactivity, and much of the past 12 months of football lost to Covid, the CMFL is keen that competitive football should resume in some form as quickly as possible.

“I personally find it strange that so many Leagues seem very keen to abandon football for another five months.

“To that end, the CMFL will be exploring all options and ideas on completing the season or bringing in alternative competitions for all clubs.

“The FA change of mind clearly affects our thinking regarding the Premier Divisions.

“I appreciate that the matter of spectators is an important one, and this has yet to be addressed by the FA. The FA themselves however regard “grassroots” football differently to the NLS pyramid and where this was an advantage to the CMFL clubs in previous Lockdown situations for spectators, the same could be true this time as well.”

Division One could play until the end of June, with the season being completed with smaller divisions.

But promotion and relegation issues would still be dependent upon FA guidelines.

Mr Vallis added: “Gor now it should be taken that the CMFL will do everything possible to organise matches to give competitive football to its member clubs, and I look forward to the battles resuming on the pitch in early April.

“Further discussions with clubs will follow, as I do appreciate there may be issues arising. “However, I hope to bring you some further details about proposed restart dates as quickly as possible.”