Make Mansfield better by clearing the rubbish, turning on the fountain and fighting dog fouling

The fountains in Mansfield Market Place
The fountains in Mansfield Market Place

Firstly, there is a parcel of land between Spencer Street and Bancroft Lane in Mansfield that has planning permission, I have no problem with that. But who is responsible for keeping the access off of Spencer Street clean?

The area is fenced off, but the approach to the land has become a dumping site. I regularly pass by and it started with a child’s mattress. Now there are three-to-four mattresses along with three or four three-piece suites, and various articles of rubbish. Also this street always looks dirty with various paper rubbish lying around.

Secondly, I keep hearing about the amount of money being spent on the town centre (this will be about the fourth update the town centre has had that I can remember).

We have a fountain that is very rarely working. When this was first put in, on nice days the mothers would sit on benches and the little ones would run in and out of the water, it was a pleasure to watch them. Now it sits there — a complete waste of money?

Our council representatives are investing in projects that have nothing to do with our town, or even our county. When will our councillors and mayor realise they do not work for an investment bank? They are voted in to look after the people of our area.

If there is spare money to be had, invest it in our care system, especially in the area of dementia. A paid carer for an hour or two for the full-time carer to take a break, that’s where any extra money should be spent.

Lastly, I would like to ask the council to please invest in a hardstanding path at the back of the shops on Ladybrook, one that goes all the way round the field. We dog walkers would appreciate it.

Talking of dog walkers, for goodness sake, pick up your dog mess! Defaulters should be named and shamed!

Marianne Humphries,

By email

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