Walkden Street Car Park set to close for essential work

Mansfield District Council will close Walkden Street Car Park on Monday, November 12, while scaffolding is put in place.

The scaffolding will be put up after Mansfield District Council became concerned about the safety of external panels on the car park, and closed Stockwell Gate to traffic last month. 
It will take about four days to erect and will be in place for between three to six months until work is complete to ensure the concrete panels on the exterior of the building are safe.

The car park itself will be shut for one day, Monday, November 12.

Mansfield car park will remain open after safety concerns
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Mike Robinson, director of economic growth, said: "We are taking this action on the advice of structural engineers and their concerns about some of the panels on the outside of the car park.

We can only apologise for any inconvenience this action may cause but public safety is our paramount concern."