Share your experiences of being helped by the Air Ambulance

Share your Air Ambulance stories for National Air Ambulance weekShare your Air Ambulance stories for National Air Ambulance week
Share your Air Ambulance stories for National Air Ambulance week
This September the Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance will be celebrating their life-saving work during National Air Ambulance week, along with more than 30 other Air Ambulances around the UK.

With this in mind, your local Air Ambulance is looking for some help, but not help in the usual way.

The charity isn’t appealing for funds or volunteers, though this support is always gratefully received due to the flying medical service’s non-Government funded status

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Instead, the charity is asking for real-life Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance airlifted patient stories.

The charity that funds the life-saving service has spent over 21 years raising money to fund our counties’ vital service.

Since 1994, when the charity was set up and the Ambucopter flew its first mission, the Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire Ambulance Charitable Trust has literally changed thousands of people’s lives.

The stories of those people the Air Ambulance crew have helped are essential for supporting fund-raisers and volunteers in telling the tale of the vital service.

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Such stories enable people to engage with what makes the service so valuable to our counties.

Karen Jobling, the charity’s chief executive officer, said: “It is always very humbling when people come forward to tell us about their life changing stories in relation to our Helicopter Emergency Medical service.

“We’ve had incredible incidents of family members coming forward to tell the story of a loved one who very sadly did not survive.

“These stories understandably are always very moving to us, one such lady volunteers for us in memory of her daughter and she’s an amazing and inspiring woman.

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“Naturally we understand that there will be people out there who have had a similar experience who don’t want to share it.

“This is about developing a further sense of empathy and understanding for our Air Ambulance to help us raise awareness of our service and the £2.1 million we need each year to keep our Ambucopter flying.

“We are truly grateful to anyone who can support us by letting us share their story.”

Should anyone wish to come forward to share their story, a story that could be used in print and online campaigns for National Air Ambulance week, which runs from September 19-25, email [email protected] or write to Karen Jobling, LNAACT House, Bentley Drive, Bracebridge Heath, Lincoln, LN4 2QW.

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There are also many other ways to support the Air Ambulance, for details, visit or, follow @LNAACT on Twitter or like the ambucopter page on Facebook.