QUAD’s digital work receives a funding boost

Arts Council England have announced £119,962 funding for QUAD in Derby to boost its digital DNA and to increase accessibility for audiences.

Peter Knott, area director for Arts Council England, said: “We are investing in some really exciting projects across the Midlands, and it will be great to see this funding make a difference to local communities, whether that is through the creation of new facilities for people to use or by supporting the local creative economy.”

He added: “QUAD’s plans to upgrade and expand its facilities embody two critical areas of work for the Arts Council: digital and diversity. This investment in QUAD’s buildings and equipment will improve facilities to ensure more people have the opportunity to experience and enjoy the great line-up of activities and events on offer.”

Adam Buss, QUAD CEO, commented: “QUAD are delighted to have been successful in our bid to increase our capacity to engage audiences with digital technology. As part of the bid we will increase our accessible technology to help more users who have sight or hearing difficulties to access our programme. We will also increase our capacity to deliver outdoor film based events and increase our internal capacity to deliver digital engagement and education activities for audiences.”