Readers respond to video showing Ashfield MP insulting anti-Brexit campaigner outside parliament

The video showing a heated exchange between Ashfield MP Lee Anderson and ‘Stop Brexit’ Steve Bray has been viewed thousands of times – with a mixed response.

Mr Anderson had shared previous encounters with Mr Bray to his Facebook page, referring to the anti-Brexit campaigner as a ‘malingerer’ and a ’parasite’ but maintained that Mr Bray was the aggressor on this occasion and that he ‘verbally attacks me and any other Tory MP every time we leave the House of Commons’.

52-year-old Mr Bray was angered by the comments, refuted the MP’s allegations and referred to them as ‘playground’ insults and not suitable for the conduct of an elected MP.

Whilst some readers who viewed the story believed the MP was justified in his comments, and that they simply came under ‘free speech’, others branded them ‘an embarrassment to the district’.

The video has been viewed thousands of times

Jayne Mortimer gave her views: “It is embarrassing to have him as our MP.

"I hope people remember this when he's banging on about anti-bullying.”

Kelly Binch, however, disagreed and congratulated the MP on exercising his right to free speech.

She said of the video: “What happened to free speech?

"Well done Lee Anderson MP – just because he is our MP doesn't mean he has to keep his mouth shut, no one else would so why should he?

"Nice one Lee.”

Donna Louise had a different view on the exchange and says she was not surprised about the tone of the comments.

She explained: “He clearly didn’t want a debate, and chose to be personal.

"Are we surprised about the tone? I’m not!”

Julie Manero praised the MP for his choice of words.

Julie commented: “Oh come off it, don't pretend Lee Anderson MP hasn't said anything we all think sometimes, but some just dare not say.”

Simon Gardner had a completely different view however.

He said after watching the video: “He is a complete embarrassment to the district.

"From actions like this, to telling female councillors to ‘not interfere in big boy politics’, to consistently failing to represent us appropriately in Parliament.

@stevo_gumbo took to Twitter to defend the MP.

He said: “You all sit here trying to call him out, but what he does for our constituency is awesome.”

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