Mansfield area MPs reaction after Theresa May resigns

Politicians in the Mansfield area are giving us their reaction after Prime Minister Theresa May announced her resignation this morning.

Speaking outside 10 Downing Street, she revealed she will step down as Conservative party leader on June 7.

Theresa May's resignation speech. Picture: Getty Images.

Theresa May's resignation speech. Picture: Getty Images.

A contest to find her successor will now be held.

Mansfield MP Ben Bradley said: “It’s important that we are able to select a Prime Minister with an absolute drive to see Brexit through and ensure there is no further delay. We can’t begin to rebuild and repair the division and mistrust in this country until that is delivered.

Mrs May has tried her best and I have no doubt that she was determined to deliver Brexit, in what was always an incredibly difficult circumstance. I am glad she has been able to set out her own plans to step down with dignity, which she deserves. I have every respect for the huge time and energy she has put in to seeking a solution, but it has not worked and now we have to move on quickly to address the problem before the new deadline on 31st October”

Newark and Sherwood MP Mark Spencer said: “On a human level you can’t help feeling sorry for her . I think she has done all she can to deliver the referendum result. A number of other people have done all they can to frustrate that process and stop it.

“I am surprised that she has lasted as long as she has and it is a tribute to her tenacity that she has stuck it as long.

Let’s now try someone else and try and get us out as quickly as possible. The voters say they are fed up with it - they want us to get on with the NHS, funding schools and making sure the police have the tools to deal with crime.

“I think there are a lot of people in the party capable of doing it and I would like to hear their plans for how they will deal with it.”

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