Mansfield area MP praises volunteer workers across his constituency

Sherwood MP, Mark Spencer, has praised the volunteers across Sherwood Constituency to mark Volunteers Week in England.

Friday, 7th June 2019, 10:37 am

In a post on his Facebook page, the MP said he wanted to use Volunteers Week to praise the people that give up their time to “keep our communities going”. In his post, he gave examples of volunteer-run groups in Sherwood, including the Heritage Museum in Bilsthorpe, the Lifespring Centre in Ollerton, the Core centre in Calverton and Renfest in Rainworth.

He added that “Even as an MP, I rely on volunteers too, whether it’s to help bundle update leaflets or to deliver community notices to residents, and I’m hugely grateful to everyone that offers up their time to help me and my office out.”

The MP went on to thank all community volunteers across Sherwood for the time and effort they put in to the local communities and good causes.

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Discussing Volunteers Week and his post on social media, Mark Spencer said:

“I think it’s hugely important to recognise all the volunteers and people who give up their free time across the constituency. Without them, things just wouldn’t happen. Whether that’s a Saturday morning football team, a charity helpline or someone who does the odd bit of litter picking, I think any time someone is willing to give for these good causes is hugely commendable.”