New PSPO planned to restrict street drinking, begging and dog fouling across large parts of Mansfield

A public spaces protection order preventing a raft of anti-social behaviour offences in Mansfield could be renewed and extended by the district council.

The authority is proposing its new orde across several parts of the district between this summer and 2025.

The council has revealed its proposals within the order to clamp down on several anti-social offences, including a continued ban on street drinking and restrictions on cycling through parts of the town centre.

Other offences include begging, public urination and dog fouling, while it will also continue to give police and community safety officers the power to move people on when being anti-social in public.

Cycling is banned in across Mansfield town centre between 10am and 6pm each day, without a reasonable excuse.

And it will prevent dogs from being let off leads in some public parks and play areas as well as stopping cars and off-road bikes from driving around nature reserves between Oak Tree and Clipstone.

People found to be breaking these rules or committing offences under the PSPO can be fined by officers.

The bans on alcohol consumption and ‘nuisance’ begging in some public places are already in place across parts of the district and, under the proposals, would be in force across the entire town centre.

They would also be enforced on Titchfield, Racecourse, Fisher Lane and Spider parks, the Oak Tree estate, parts of Ladybrook, Manor Sports Complex, parts of Forest Town, Mansfield Woodhouse, Market Warsop and Meden Vale.

The public urination and dog fouling orders would be in place across the entire district, as well as orders for dog owners to keep their pets on a lead when requested by officers.

The majority of play areas in the district have also been listed as dog exclusion zones, preventing pets from being allowed in parks used by children.

Police and community protection officers will also continue to have the power to move people away from areas when they are being anti-social, including within the town centre and surrounding streets and Mansfield Leisure Park, which has experienced issues with ‘boy racers’ in the past.

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Cycling will continue to be banned in all central streets across the town centre between 10am and 6pm each day, ‘unless [cyclists] have a reasonable excuse’.

And any vehicle – including cars, motorbikes and off-road vehicles – will be banned from woodland and nature around Oak Tree, Clipstone, Ratcher Hill Quarry, Vicar Water Country Park and Sherwood Golf Course.

Coun Marion Bradshaw, council portfolio holder for safer communities, is recommended to launch a 30-day public consultation on the new district-wide PSPO, which the council expects to be in place by September, when she decides on the PSPO today.

In a report published ahead of her decision, Elaine Quince, council community safety manager, said: “The use of a new PSPO will alleviate some ASB issues persistent within the district.

“The proposals are to ensure persistent crime and disorder and ASB issues can be tackled more effectively.

“It will create and communicate a positive image of Mansfield, preserve, enhance and promote our natural environment and physical assets across the district, [and] improve the town centre experience for residents, visitors and businesses.

“The PSPO will also create a positive cultural and leisure experience for residents and visitors and create an infrastructure that supports and enhances the quality of life for residents.”