Kerbside glass recycling collection starts in Mansfield

The first kerbside glass recycling collections are starting in Mansfield from Monday (April 5).

Tuesday, 30th March 2021, 5:30 pm

Free wheelie bins have been delivered to approximately 43,000 homes across the area ahead of the Mansfield District Council scheme launch.

Council chiefs say a small number of homes are yet to receive their bin but stress they should arrive in the coming days.

Households scheduled for their first collection on April 5 will go ahead as normal, even though it is Easter Monday.

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Kerbside glass recycling collection starts in Mansfield from Monday.
Kerbside glass recycling collection starts in Mansfield from Monday.

The bins, black with a teal coloured lid, can take empty and clean glass jars and bottles of any colour and will be emptied every eight weeks.

Householders are being asked to remove the lids and make sure that other types of glass such as pyrex, mirrors, light bulbs and drinking glasses are not put in the bin.

Sarah Troman, the council’s head of neighbourhood services, said: "I know residents have been saving up their jars and bottles and are eagerly awaiting their first collection.

“Your glass collection may be on a different day to your general waste (green) or recycling (blue) bin. Please ensure that your bin is out by 6am on the correct day, your bin is not overloaded and the lid is closed."A personalised calendar, showing glass collection dates for the rest of this year will also arrive at homes this week.

It includes a collection pattern for the green and blue bins. Residents are urged to to keep it handy for future reference.

Some homes, such as flats and complexes, will receive communal bins rather than individual ones.

The council says where bins cannot be provided due to a lack of space, or emptied due to limited access, residents can continue using existing bottle banks across the district.

In addition, the council is working to provide additional bottle banks in suitable locations to make it as easy as possible for the all households to recycle glass.Residents who do not want a bin and have already requested it to be removed are asked to leave their bin out and the council will collect it.

Anyone else who no longer wants a bin for glass, can email [email protected] to arrange for it to be collected.

To sign up for free bin day email reminders and to see bin days online visit