Boris Johnson makes pledge that 'Mansfield miners will receive their fair pension share'

Boris Johnson campaigning in Mansfield.Boris Johnson campaigning in Mansfield.
Boris Johnson campaigning in Mansfield.
The Prime Minister has made a "categorical" pledge to Mansfield and Ashfield's former miners that they will soon receive their "fair share" of the Mineworkers' Pension Scheme.

Returning to the area to answer questions with your Chad, Boris Johnson vowed that all former miners signed up to the pension scheme will be in receipt of vital, lost funds.

It follows an ongoing battle between the government and the Mineworkers' Pension Campaign to receive a fairer share of the pension pot.

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When miners and their families signed up to the pension scheme in 1994, they were told by the government that "no more than £2 billion" was needed from the pot to guarantee its future.

Boris Johnson and Ben Bradley speak to a Mansfield resident.Boris Johnson and Ben Bradley speak to a Mansfield resident.
Boris Johnson and Ben Bradley speak to a Mansfield resident.

But campaigners have hit out at successive governments after an accepted figure of more than £4.5 billion was taken from the pot over the last 25 years - meaning some miners and their families were not receiving ample funds for their investment.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson returns to Mansfield to answer your questions​

But on his visit to Mansfield, the Prime Minister said he will be guaranteeing that "no Mansfield miner ... is out of pocket" from the scheme.

He said: "I want to tell the Mansfield Chad categorically that we will make sure that no Mansfield miner, or any other miner signed up to the Mineworkers' Pension Scheme, is out of pocket.

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Boris Johnson and Ben Bradley campaign in Mansfield.Boris Johnson and Ben Bradley campaign in Mansfield.
Boris Johnson and Ben Bradley campaign in Mansfield.

"We will make sure that all their cash is fully protected and returned, I have looked into it and we will ensure that's done."

Mick Newton, regional coordinator for the Mineworkers Pension Campaign, welcomed Mr Johnson's pledge but says the mineworkers are "still out of pocket" to the extent of £2.5 billion.

He said: "We accept that the government has accepted the proposals we put forward, and that is to be welcomed.

"But mineworkers are still out of pocket, and they're out of pocket to the extent of at least £2.5 billion.

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"In 1994 when the guarantee was imposed on us, they said they wouldn't need any more than £2 billion to guarantee it over the 25 period.

"They have so far taken an accepted figure of £4.5 billion since 1994. So we were mis-sold this pension guarantee and we still need this money back.

"They've taken twice as much as they promised, and if Boris is correct in what he's saying then they're going to be giving back the £2.5 billion, and if this is true, it is to be welcomed.

"They need to address the surplus share arrangement to give a more positive outcome for our members. It still needs to be shifted back to 70-30 in favour of miners.

"As recent as 2018, the government took yet another £586 million from the Mineworkers' Pension Scheme, making the so-called government guarantee the most expensive insurance scheme of all time."