Ashfield Independents dominate in the district as much of Nottinghamshire turns blue in county council elections

Ashfield Independents have increased their dominance in the district by taking all 10 seats in the Nottinghamshire County Council elections.

By Andy Done-Johnson
Friday, 7th May 2021, 5:15 pm

They are the third largest party on the authority with just five fewer seats than Labour, in the election which saw the majority of the county turn blue.

Party leader Jason Zadrozny, who won his seat with a total of 1,901 votes, said: “I'm delighted obviously, especially when you look at the national picture where the Tories are having an amazing day.

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Ashfield Independents took all ten seats in the district in the county council elections

"Here in Ashfield I think voters have rejected both parties and said they want something different, and the Ashfield Independents have been able to show that we do this.

"I think for places like Ashfield, the Conservatives who are clearly going to win the county council know that they can't take us for granted anymore.

"We are a strong block there, all ten seats who are going to be fighting every day for all of our towns and villages to make them better.”

Elsewhere in the district, Councillor Tom Hollis retained his Sutton West seat, and Samantha Deakin retained Sutton Central and East, with all the Ashfield Independents seeing off their nearest rival with majorities of more than 1,000.

The party also made huge gains in the Hucknall area, taking every seat in the town once dominated by Labour.

Elsewhere around the county, all but two Mansfield seats went to the Conservatives, with MP and former Ashfield Councillor Ben Bradley winning in Mansfield North.

Only Ollerton and a few Bassetlaw seats remained red, with much of the district lost to the Conservatives, including Labour Leader on the county council Alan Rhodes losing his Worksop North seat.

Here are all the results from Ashfield and the surrounding area . . .


Kirkby South - Daniel Williamson (Ashfield Independents) 2,074 votes, Donna Gilbert (Labour) 802, Carol Anne Flowers (Conservatives) 686.

Sutton Central and East - Samantha Deakin (Ashfield Independents) 1,737 votes, Alan Flowers (Conservatives) 600, Enid Bakewell (Labour) 561.

Sutton North - Helen Ann Smith (Ashfield Independents) 2,233 votes, Sam Howlett (Conservatives) 834, Linford Gibbons (Labour) 569.

Hucknall West - David Shaw (Ashfield Independents) 1,805, Phil Rostance (Conservatives) 1,202, Stephen Taylor (Labour) 415.

Kirkby North - Andy Meakin (Ashfield Independents) 2.036, Julia Long (Labour) 454, Christine Self (Conservatives) 360.

Sutton West - Tom Hollis (Ashfield Independents) 1,954, Cathay Mason (Labour) 849, Russell Talbot (Conservatives) 734.

Ashfields - Jason Zadrozny (Ashfield Independents) 1,901, Cameron Felton (Conservatives) 606, Stefan Lamb (Labour) 474.

Hucknall North - John Wilmott (Ashfield Independents) 1,866, Kevin Rostance (Conservatives) 733, Pat Ayre (Labour) 596, Martin Hoes (Lib Dems) 78.

Hucknall South - Lee Waters (Ashfield Independents) 1,758, Ria Cash (Labour) 687, Jan Lees (Conservatives) 669, James Harvey (Liberal Democrats) 71.

Selston - David Martin (Ashfield Independents) 1,904, Dawn Justice (Conservatives) 1,893, Katherine Harlow (Labour) 421.

Newark and Sherwood

Blidworth - Tom Smith (Conservatives) 1,094 votes, Yvonne Woodhead (Labour) 1,040, Tina Thompson (Independent) 596, Caroline Kew (Greens) 72.

Southwell - Roger Jackson (Conservatives) 3,060, Karen Roberts (Lib Dems) 1,284, Matthew Spoors (Labour) 883, Helen Clurow (Freedom Alliance) 72.

Ollerton - Mike Pringle (Labour) 1,588, Michael Brown (Conservatives) 1,480, Jeremy Spry (Independent) 97, Mike Poyser (Greens) 93, Marylyn Rayner (Lib Dems) 58.


Warsop - Bethan Sian Eddie (Conservatives) 1,107, Andy Wetton (Labour) 1,046, Ken Bonsall (Trade Union and Coalition) Philip Shields (Independent) 204.

Mansfield East - Robert Cordon (Conservatives) 2,933, Nigel Moxon (Conservatives) 2,110, Martin Wright (Mansfield Independents) 1,274, Hayley Dallman (Labour) 1,241, Mark Fretwell (Labour) 1,089, Vaughan Hopewell (Mansfield Independents) 973, Alexander White (Independent) 191, Michael Dean (Socialist Labour Party) 161, Karen Seymour (Trade Union and Socialist Coalition) 80.

Mansfield West - Sinead Anderson (Conservatives) 1,614, Paul Henshaw (Labour) 1,454, Diana Meale (Labour) 1,301, Paul Marshall (Conservatives) 1,149, Barry Answer (Mansfield Independents) 1,088, Michael Higginson (Independent) 982, David Smith (Mansfield Independents (679), Deborah Hodson (Trade Union and Socialist Alliance) 91, Okronkwo Tooley (Trade Union and Socialist Alliance) 63.

Mansfield North - Ben Bradley (Conservative) 3,072m, Anne Callaghan (Labour) 1,944, John Knight (Conservatives) 1,722, Mick Barton (Mansfield Independents) 1,071, John Coxhead (Labour) 1,060, Steve Bodle (Mansfield Independents) 663, Nina Swanwick (Greens) 180, Jordan Hall (Reform UK) 118, Okronkwo Tooley (Trade Union and Socialist Alliance) 52, Sid Pepper (Alliance for Democracy and Freedom) 51.

Mansfield South - Steve Garner (Independent) 2,222, Andre Camilleri (Conservative) 2,024, Robert Elliman (Conservatives) 1,884, Andy Abrahams (Labour) 1,597, Andy Scissons (Independent) 1,553, Maxi Leigh (Labour) 971, Bill Drewett (Mansfield Independents), Kevin Brown (Mansfield Independents) 378, Sadie Kime (Independent) 209, Thorsten Altenkirch (Lib Dems) 115, Andy Rimmer (Lib Dems) 101, Okronkwo Tooley (Trade Union and Socialist Alliance) 61.

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