Have a look at these terrifying photos from the life of Sutton ghost buster Lee Roberts

See here: as Sutton ghost hunter shares spooky images of life investigating the paranormal

Sutton ghost hunter Lee Roberts has some super supernatural tales and spooktacular images gathered over a lifetime investigating the paranormal.

Friday, 29th October 2021, 1:16 pm

The well known ghost-busting dad and granddad has devoted his life to hunting for evidence of the supernatural.

His earliest ghost hunts were as a young lad, in and around Ashfield and Mansfield. He would haunt many an old pub and club, and other sites of reputed spooky goings on, setting up cameras, laptops and electronic equipment to capture any sightings. Now, a full time paranormal investigator, the 45-year-old has featured on scores of TV programmes in the UK and USA, across social media, and has led hundreds of ghost hunts.

Now, to get in the mood for Halloween, sit back and enjoy some of the spine-tingling images from his spirited career!

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