Nuthall fundraiser vows to run half-marathon every single day in January

Adam Cook is planning to run a half marathon every single day in January.Adam Cook is planning to run a half marathon every single day in January.
Adam Cook is planning to run a half marathon every single day in January.
An ambitious fundraiser from Nuthall is planning to run a half-marathon every day throughout January in a bid to raise cash to help animals.

Adam Cook is set to run a grand total of 406 miles this coming month, covering 13 miles per day.

In return for this gruelling undertaking, the 38-year-old is hoping to raise £5,000 to help Brinsley Animal Rescue continue its vital work in rescuing, treating, rehabilitating and caring for wildlife, rescue animals and unwanted pets.

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He said: “They do such fantastic work in the local area and have helped countless sick and unwanted animals get well again and find loving forever homes.

“They’re desperate for a new storm shelter at the minute, which is basically a big stable that they can move around and help protect their animals in the field.

“This money would be a huge help to them as they rely mainly on donations from the public.”

As the owner of Broxtowe Borough Pet Services, Adam works with animals and is also a vegan.

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He added: “With humans, no matter what they’re situation is they’ve always got that ability to help themselves out to a certain extent, but animals don’t have that luxury. They are often helpless victims.”

Adam has always been a keen runner but says this challenge will be taking things to a new level.

“Although I do a lot of running, the difference with this is that there will be no recovery time,” he said.

“31 days in a row with no days off is daunting as it gives you no leeway for any injuries or niggles.

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“It will be a huge challenge for me and I’m sure it’ll test me to my limits in many ways."

Adam will be running from his home near to the Hovis bakery in Watnall, towards Watnall Farm Shop, past the football ground at Hucknall, down the Hucknall bypass and through Bulwell before coming out at Cinderhill island and back up to Nuthall each day.

He said: “I think my best chance of getting them done is going out at half 6 every morning and then hopefully I’ll be done by half 8 or 9 in time for work.

“I’ve enjoyed setting myself a number of challenges over the years but I think this will be the hardest one. Hopefully I won’t die.”

So far, Adam has reached £540 of his £5,000 target.

Visit his fundraising page here to make a donation.