Mansfield and Ashfield Chad readers who find the news of 27 asylum-seekers dying funny

An article last month told the story of 27 asylum-seekers losing their lives as they attempted to cross the channel – we delve into our readers’ responses.

Tuesday, 7th December 2021, 5:20 pm

As is usually the case on asylum-related stories hitting Chad readers’ timelines, more than 200 comments quickly amassed.

Startlingly, nine of our readers seemingly found the news of the death of 27 human beings funny.

I initially hoped these were a mistake, but the comments section suggested not.

27 people died - with five women and a girl among the victims

Paula T waded in: “F***off home they not wanted here, we have too many here already.”

A number of readers pointed out the hypocrisy of Paula’s profile picture with the overlay of the England footballers who were targeted by racist fans, with the statement ‘We stand with our Three Lions #UKagainstracism’, but Paula was undeterred.

"We can't go in a shop without them being there, where I live in Sheffield there's loads.” she continued.

We attempted to engage with Paula by asking her just how many were ‘too many’ and why their presence in a shop would be a problem, but she declined to respond.

Your Chad reporter, Katrina Taylor

Steve D also wrote a comment which you can almost guarantee will appear in some form on any UK news outlet’s posts.

He said: “Give them nothing no benefits, no housing, leave them on the streets like all the other European countries do and it will stop straight away.

“Empty all hotels and do the same. only offer free flights back.”

Somehow some people in the UK have been convinced that the English benefits system is the only one offering anything to those applying for asylum.

Despite information to the contrary being readily available, some people in this country seem utterly convinced that we are the only ones offering money and thus, the only possible destination for every asylum-seeker in the world, when that simply is not true.

Unfortunately none of the readers we tried to engage with wished to expand on their thought processes, which is a shame.

It does beg the question though – what has happened to society to leave people feeling so disengaged with the rest of the world that they have zero empathy for the death of humans?

It worries me that I am bringing children into this world with all its hatred.

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