Help Mansfield girl battling cancer get her dream holiday to Walt Disney World Resort Florida

The family of a girl from Mansfield who has been battling cancer since she was six-years-old are raising money so they can take her on her dream holiday to Florida.

By Shelley Marriott
Friday, 1st July 2022, 11:30 am

Lexi Pearce, nine, was diagnosed with a stage 5 Wilms tumour in September 2019.

Since then Lexi has undergone a number of surgeries including having a kidney removed and two parts of her liver.

Lexi, who goes to Python Hill Academy in Rainworth, is currently undergoing chemotherapy as the cancer has spread to her lungs and she is waiting for a date for surgery.

Lexi Pearce, nine, has been battling cancer since she was six-years-old

Lexi’s mum, Danielle Pearce, 30, said: “When Lexi was six she had just come home from school and she said her side was hurting.

"We stripped her down and gave her a bath to see if we could ease the pain and we noticed she had a lump.

“We took her to King’s Mill and they were unsure what it was at first and it was the next day we discovered she had cancer and they sent us on to have some biopsies done.”

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Danielle is now hoping to raise enough money to take Lexi on her dream holiday to Disneyland Florida.

Danielle said: “Lexi has spent the majority of her time in hospital travelling between Queen’s Medical Centre, Sheffield, Lincolnshire, we’ve been all over the place.

“But throughout all of it she has never lost her spark, she’s always cheeky and cheerful.

“She completely understands what is happening to herself and she is adament to enjoy her life at the moment.

“We were hoping to get her a holiday through the Wish Foundation but we have found out that they’re no longer doing them at the moment.

“Lexi’s deam holiday is Walt Disney World Resort Florida and to swim with dolphins so we are trying to raise these funds to give her this once in a lifetime holiday because it’s been three years of this and we don’t know if there is going to be another relapse down the line and we just want her to have these memories and this good experience.

"Any donations will be so gratefully received.”

If you would like to make a donation and help Lexi get to Florida visit