Chad readers reaction after dog with 'tumour the size of a melon' abandoned outside Kirkby cat rescue

Readers have expressed their distress and upset on the Chad’s Facebook page after we reported a dog with a ‘tumour the size of a melon’ had to be put to sleep after being abandoned in Kirkby.

The RSPCA said the animal was found by a member of public tied to a table in the yard of the cat rescue centre on Mary Street.

The dog was taken to an independent vet where the decision was made to put her to sleep.

Rachel Woodland said: “Absolutely heartbreaking. I just can’t understand how the owners could just dump her. Shame on you.”

The dog had a tumour the size of a melon

Liam White said: “Probably someone in financial difficulty who couldn't bare to see their dog be put to sleep.

"Vets bills are astronomical, not that it's an excuse to let the dog suffer. Sad whatever the circumstances are.”

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Dog with 'tumour the size of a melon' abandoned outside Kirkby cat rescue

Glynis Huggett said: “Someone must know where this dog came from.”

David Robertson said: “Why not just take the dog to a rescue if they cannot manage, the dog could have then possibly been saved if they had acted earlier.

"Stiffer sentences are needed for animal cruelty.”

Lisa Rosling said: “This is absolutely vile. How anyone can leave a dog in that state is beyond me. And to just dump it and leave it is sick. Poor thing.”

Lou Bacon said: “Somebody must know the owner and must do the right thing and report them. The sadness in that poor dogs eyes, it makes you want to weep.”