Business chief brands teenage anti-social behaviour in Mansfield as 'deplorable'

A Mansfield business leader has condemned teenage anti-social behaviour in Mansfield town centre as ‘deplorable’.

Gary Jordan who heads up the Mansfield and Ashfield 2020 business development group was echoing views by businesses and visitors to the town.

It comes after your Chad revealed Nottinghamshire Police’s Mansfield policing team had posted an ‘urgent notice’ saying they were having ‘real issues’ with anti-social behaviour from teenagers in the town centre.

Neighbourhood police officers had urged parents, carers and guardians to take action over the disruptive activities of their misbehaving youngsters in the town centre.

Leader of Mansfield and Ashfield 2020 Business Group Gary Jordan MBE

Mr Jordan said: “I would just say on behalf of myself a Mansfield resident and chairman of MA2020, that this behaviour is deplorable.

“Mansfield Council and business leaders are working hard behind the scenes to get towns fund projects up and running for the benefit of all, alongside plans to tempt inward investment here.

“By not dealing with this issue we open Mansfield up to problems when investors, or even locals feel the area is not the kind of place they would wish to spend time or money around.

Parents need to get a handle on what is happening and, if it is their children, then take responsibility. The only other option left, if not, would be the law.

Mr Jordan said businesses aimed to create job opportunities, while helping to improve the town centre to give Mansfield a boost.

He said: “We as businesses want to help young people and those adults not in work to have better opportunities all round with a town to be proud of, as well as a cultural shift in entertainment, with more to do for all age groups and better job prospects bringing about a more vibrant economy.

“This behaviour does not help at all.”

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