Anger among Mansfield and Ashfield residents over MPs' £2.2k pay rise

Readers have slammed a £2,000 pay rise for our MPs as ‘disgusting’ and ‘disgraceful’.

Friday, 4th March 2022, 2:22 pm

MPs will get a £2,212 pay rise on April 1, seeing an member of parliament’s basic salary go up to £84,144 a year.

The 2.7 per cent rise will come in the same week that millions of workers see their wages hit by a National Insurance increase.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Leader of the Opposition Sir Keir Starmer have both said MPs should not get a rise this year, but their pay is set by an independent body, which says it should be in line with other public sector workers.

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MPs are set for a £2,000 pay rise.

Lee Anderson, Conservative MP for Ashfield, has said he will donate his pay rise, saying: “I give mine away every year,” continuing a gesture carried out by his predecessor, Labour’s Gloria De Piero, who pledged to give her pay rise away to support students in Ashfield.

Mansfield Conservative MP Coun Ben Bradley, who is also eligible for about £50,000 in allowances through his roles as Nottinghamshire Council leader and member for Mansfield North, has not responded to a request for comment.

However, posting on Facebook, at, your Chad readers have roundly condemned the rise.

Helen Holmes said: “Absolutely disgusting. They get enough money, especially when they have two or three jobs. They couldn’t care less about us peasants.”

Lee Anderson, Conservative MP for Ashfield.

Mansfield resident Andrew Flavin said: “Not bad for our MP, who has two other jobs as well.”

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Referencing the increased cost of living and rising energy bills working people are facing, Yvonne Blatherwick posted: “They’ll not be bothered about the bills going up. Makes me sick.”

Coun Ben Bradley, Conservative MP for Mansfield, Nottinghamshire Council leader and member for Mansfield North.

And Angela Walton-Mowbray said: “At least they can cover their gas and electric and the hikes in fuel and at the supermarket. They should be ashamed to even think of taking this.”

Craig Turton said: “At least their payrise will cover the increased gas and electric bill. I wonder how many others will have the luxury of a payrise to meet the cost of living rise. Absolute disgrace on them.”

Royston Worstencroft posted: “MPs’ salaries should be fixed at £35,000 and this April pay rise under the current climate needs to be withdrawn.”

Janet Shorthouse described the rise as ‘great’, adding; “I’ve just had a letter from the DWP to say, as I’m approaching my 80th birthday, my state pension will rise by 25 pence per week. I can’t think what I’m going to spend that lot on...”

Shane Cameron said: “Give it to the people who work for it, like the NHS, firefighters, police, care workers etc.”

Karen Wallis said: “It’s a disgrace and as for them not being able to stop the wage rise, really? Boris stopped us all from going out two years ago by making lockdown mandatory, so don’t tell me he can’t refuse this rise. They are on enough.”

John Kerry said: “Just cannot believe MPs should be given any rise in the current situation.”

Sean Dennett described it as ‘disgraceful’, while Michelle Morrell called it ‘diabolical’ and Eric Wardle said it was ‘totally disgusting’.

Traci Bell said: “Disgusting when people are struggling like myself, between food or putting gas and electric on. I’ve gone without food just keep warm.”

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