Northern Lights illuminate Derbyshire’s night sky

The spectacular Northern Lights have danced across the night sky in parts of Derbyshire.

Stargazers were treated to the rare phenomenon – which is caused by electrically charged particles from the Sun entering the Earth’s atmosphere – last night.

The three pictures in our video slideshow were taken by Colin Dixon in Fox House, Robert Scriven at Mam Tor and Matthew Bunting at Ashover Rock near Clay Cross.

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Matthew said: “I often go chasing the Northern Lights when there is due to be a show, but usually have to travel in the car to Northumberland to get photos.

“This is by far the best show I have seen in the UK.”

Also known as Aurora Borealis, the ethereal light display was visible as far south as Essex.

Astronomer Mark Thompson,a presenter for the BBC’s Stargazing Live programme, said the astronomical event was “a rare treat” for the country.