LETTER: There are fracking pros and cons

Do you support fracking?Do you support fracking?
Do you support fracking?
Well, I am not surprised that my letter has brought out two sides to the same argument and fixated on a single issue '” fracking.

When I read the letters from Mr Keeton and Mr Frost, I could only shake my head in disbelief. Not once did I say that I have chosen a side in the fracking argument. I am neither for, nor against fracking as I see all the pros and cons of it. All I did was choose to bring forward facts. Cold hard facts.

FRACKING NOT THE ONLY THING RUINING THE PLANETGET YOUR FRACKING FACTS RIGHTI would never take someone’s words and twist them to suit one agenda or another. This means that we should never become fixated on one problem, but rather work to solve many problems.

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I am no defeatist when it comes to stopping humanity from destroying the world.

Heck, I would rather sacrifice myself to save another if and when possible.

I am, however, not willing to stand around waving placards damning one problem or another. I choose to save everything I can in small doses such as increasing energy efficiency of my home, recycling when and where possible; being nice to other people no matter their race and religion; hating real life wars and violence.

It is human nature to fear new and different things.

So instead of choosing to study the problem, I feel people would rather destroy the problem. L

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ike I also said, when one world-destroying problem crops up, people fixate on that. Then before that problem is solved, another one crops up and focus switches to that.

Basically I am saying stop fixating on fracking. When another major thing happens, you’ll end up fixated on that, forgetting about fracking. I say, step back, take a deep breath and look at everything around you. Everyday I look around and see so many things that I can do nothing to stop on my own. War against North Korea, terrorist bombings in London, fly tipping, industrial waste, corporations seeking profit at the expense of the planet, drug cartels and many more.

Simon White

Osberton View, Worksop