LETTER: Get fracking facts right

Fracking will become a massive problem if it is allowed to go ahead.
Fracking will become a massive problem if it is allowed to go ahead.

Well said Simon White, Chad letters August 30 (Plenty of other things destroying the planet).

I have posted on the subject of fracking a few times over the last year or so. I have no problem with fracking in this area or anywhere else in the country. I have done my homework on the subject and so know a fair bit about fracking which, may I add, most people don’t - so shouldn’t be giving negative feedback on the subject. I have no problem with informed information if it is true.


The anti-fracking community complains there is not enough information coming through about the subject, so when Ineos, the firm responsible for the extraction of the gas, publishes a five or six-plus page detailed report on the fracking issue over two weeks in the Chad, it gets derision. What do these people want?

All they can say is ‘it’s load of rubbish’ and the ill-informed lemmings who follow them who have not looked into the subject themselves agree.

They complain about the contamination of ground water and the water table, plus rivers, through fracking. So why aren’t they picketing outside a sewerage plant because over the years there has been more problems through water contamination from these installations than most? Farming is another one, where do they think the pesticides run off to from the fields?

I have looked for major problems of fracking through the internet, especially in the US, and have trouble finding any disasters. 
Most problems are not related to fracking which, may I add, the anti-fracking fraternity would love you to believe and this is over 60 years of working because this is not a new way of extracting gas, which the ill-informed probably thought was a new process.

One more point, if you travel east of Gainsborough, you will notice near the road in a farmer’s field, a few ‘nodding donkeys’ extracting oil. Perhaps we should ask the locals if they have had any problems with the wells over the years.

A. Keeton