Large glass canopy collapses at Ashfield supermarket

A witness has described the heart-stopping moment a large glass canopy collapsed onto cars at a busy Kirkby supermarket.

Friday, 14th May 2021, 1:38 pm

The drama unfolded when part of the structure at Kirkby Morrisons crashed to the ground at around 9.45am today (Friday) – covering a shocked female shopper and surrounding cars with shards of glass.

The elderly shopper – reported to be in her late 70s – was helped by another customer until security and shop staff came to assist, taking the shopper and car owners inside.

It is understood the woman was not injured in the incident, but two cars parked below the canopy were damaged.

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A large section of the glass canopy crashed to the floor at Kirkby Morrisons this morning.

The witness told Chad: “There was a loud smashing sound. I looked across and saw this large section of the glass canopy had fallen down onto the ground, smashing into lots of pieces.

"An elderly woman, who must have been in her late 70s, seemed a little dazed and was helped into a nearby car to sit down.

"Staff came out to assist her and brought out a wheelchair for her, and took her inside to make sure she was ok. It was really shocking.”

A Morrisons spokesperson said the bad weather may have been a contributing factor.

"It is believed that the recent storms may have affected the canopy alongside our store,” the spokesperson said.

"Thankfully there were no injuries.

"We invited both customers whose cars were affected into our store café for a cup of tea and to ensure they got home safely.

"We will cover the repairs to both of their vehicles."