"It's just getting worse" residents react after stabbing in Kirkby town centre

The police cordon on Station Street.
The police cordon on Station Street.

Kirkby residents have said that crime in the town is getting worse following a stabbing.

A 36-year-old man has been taken to the Queen’s Medical Centre with serious injuries following the stabbing on Station Street, Kirkby, yesterday, Wednesday, February 27.

Police are investigating the incident.

Police are investigating the incident.

Concerned Kirkby residents were at a police cordon which has been put in place at the scene to find out what had happened.

One resident Debbie Rothery, aged 52, said: "It is getting worse.

"I live on St John's Avenue I don't even dare walk my dog alone, my husband comes with me.

"I feel for their mothers who are worrying about their children."

Kirkby Station street stabbing: what we know so far
Officers are continuing to make enquiries and a forensic team was at the scene earlier today.

One resident who was looking at the scene said: "What's Kirkby coming to?"

Another resident who was also at the scene said: "It is getting scary around here, it is terrifying."

One resident who was originally for Ireland said: "It is a nice place to live, I have a lot of nice neighbours, it is just a shame."

One trader on the market said: "It is just a normal day in Kirkby, we expect it really."

The circumstances of the attack are being investigated but it is believed to be an isolated incident.