Amber Peat's stepdad to make documentary to prove he is not 'evil'

Kelly and Danny Peat
Kelly and Danny Peat

The stepdad of Amber Peat, a 13-year-old girl who was found hanged in Mansfield, has said he is making a documentary to prove he is not "evil".

Danny Peat, who married Amber's mum Kelly in 2013 said he intends to "set the record straight" following a inquest into the Queen Elizabeth's Academy pupil's death in June 2015.

Amber Peat

Amber Peat

In the inquest which concluded on Friday, February 22, assistant coroner Laurinder Bower concluded that she could not be sure if Amber intended to kill herself.

Amber Peat left her home on Bosworth Street, Mansfield, which she shared with her mother and stepfather, after a row.

Her body was found three days later inside a hedgerow off Westfield Lane, Mansfield, as a result of hanging.

Miss Bower also said that Kelly and Danny Peat lacked "lacked emotional warmth".

"They let her down" Amber Peat's dad speaks out after inquest
During the inquest Kelly and Danny Peat said Amber lied when she told teachers that Mr Peat punished and humiliated her.

Amber told teachers that Mr Peat had made her wear jog bottoms to school to make her look ridiculous, Mr Peat said he had no knowledge of his.

Miss Bower found that the teenager had to scrub the floor until 1.30am.

Speaking to the Sun, Mr Peat said: "I've kept every scrap of evidence and document concerning Amber and I intend setting the record straight by getting my side of the story out, presenting it myself, which I was not able to do despite giving evidence at the inquest.

"Because of what people have made up, the finger has always been pointed at me as the evil stepdad who virtually marched Amber out of the house and let her die.

"It's disgusting the way I have been portrayed in all this."