Mansfield business owners' anger at last-minute Tier 3 restrictions announcement

As Tier 3 restrictions begin in Nottinghamshire, forcing the closure of some businesses and meaning households can only mix in public outdoor spaces, we asked the people of Mansfield to share their views.

Tuesday, 1st December 2020, 12:53 pm

The news was announced on October 28 that the whole of Nottinghamshire would move into Tier 3, which came as a shock to the area after talks had previously only included Nottingham City and a handful of central locations.

Rising infection rates resulted in all areas being incorporated into the announcement at the eleventh hour, giving businesses 24 hours’ notice to close or adapt.

We have spoken to our readers and local businesses owners to find out your thoughts on being in Tier 3.

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Natalie Giles, owner of No. 5 Bistro in Mansfield said: “It is very frustrating, we have done absolutely everything we could to adapt to Tier 2, and it’s just not enough.

"We were fully booked this weekend in our new outdoor space, and every single booking has had to cancel.

"If this continues for another six months like experts predict, we really don’t know what we’re going to do.”

Another Mansfield resident called the Tier 3 restrictions ‘nonsense’ as her neighbouring street is classed as Derbyshire, so is currently in Tier 1 today, moving to Tier 2 as of tomorrow morning.

She said: “How can this make sense? So I can do my shopping in Mansfield, but can’t nip down the road to Shirebrook?

"I can’t see my family, but those living five minutes away from me can?

"I’ve been wearing my mask, keeping my distance, and now I’m basically locked down for at least a month?

"It’s nonsense, it really is.”

Mansfield has moved into Tier 3 restrictions today

Carrie Austin is a photographer and set up a side business making wax melts last year.

Her photography studio can remain open, however her main source of income – weddings – have not been going ahead all summer, losing her tens of thousands of pounds of income.

She is still unclear what government help, if any, she is entitled to as the information is still not readily available.

She explained: “The information needs to be clear, and should have been ready at the same time as the announcements.

Despite doing all they can to adjust to the new rules, Tier 3 has seen No. 5 Bistro go from fully booked to completely empty in their new outside area this weekend

"I looked online yesterday and it was so confusing – it feels like there’s very little help for self employed that’s actually been agreed.

"I’m lucky in the sense I make a small amount of money from my second business which just keeps a roof over my head, but 2021 weddings are already re-booking for 2022, so who knows how long before I can start making a proper living again?”

Another area which has been hit by the Tier 3 restrictions is the beauty industry.

A beauty therapist who did not want to be named, said: “We are one of the most sterile businesses you can get – we have PPE, we sanitise everything you can touch.

"There has been zero guidance so far that tells me how I’m going to pay my bills next month, yet I’ve spent the whole of yesterday trying to keep my existing appointments and spent the whole night cancelling a month’s worth of clients.

"It’s awful, absolutely awful.”

Beauty salons have had to close under Tier 3 restrictions

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