LETTER: I’m all for fracking if it’s managed properly

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Once again, whatever is left of the Labour Party has shot itself through the heart, this time regarding fracking.

I have followed it closely in the USA, in loads of TV programmes and in geographical magazines, and provided it is properly managed, I am all in favour of it. Bring it on.

The UK needs gas for heating our badly-insulted homes.

Wind and solar are not able to fill the gap. Also I believe Hinckley Point is a disaster.

Germany has made a small breakthrough in nuclear fusion. I believe they will do it, but how soon? Also some clever Spanish and American chaps have a project to use what looks to my untrained eye as a pole that oscillates and generates power in place of blades. Maybe they could clothe the Pennines with them and make them look like woods, but I believe it’s a long way off.

Meantime back at the ranch, do we follow Labour over the cliff, as I tried to point out to our very intelligent local MP?

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