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A Brexit inspired piano concert will get its world premiere with a free public performance in Yorkshire - but we are giving you an exclusive preview on Facebook Live.
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Chief executive officer Bev Smith, who is leaving Mansfield District Council.

Tribute as Mansfield District Council’s chief decides to leave

A glowing tribute has been paid to the leading lady at Mansfield District Council, who is to leave after eight years’ service.

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How would you spend the UK's money?

THE PEOPLE'S BUDGET: How would you spend the UK's money?

Ever thought you could do a much better job of managing the UK's money than the government?

What will today's Budget mean for you?

BUDGET 2017 LIVE: How will you be affected?

Welcome to our LIVE blog covering the 2017 Budget.
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Roy Chubby Brown banned from his concertat Kirkby Festival Hall.

Donald Trump and Chubby Brown - the Ashfield connection

What have President Donald Trump and the comedian Roy Chubby Brown got in common?

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Mansfield MP Sir Alan Meale, who says grieving parents should not have to be subjected to 'funeral poverty'.

Meale wants new government fund to pay for children’s funerals

A nationwide campaign urging the government to cover the cost of children’s funerals has been backed by Mansfield MP, Sir Alan Meale.

Can you imagine Donald Trump coming to Sutton? Ashfield councillors will vote on whether or not they would let him.

Council to vote on blocking Donald Trump from Ashfield visit

Ashfield District Council is to consider a travel ban on Donald Trump, should he decide to swing by Nottinghamshire.
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Leader of Nottinghamshire Council criticises council tax ‘sweetheart deal’ in Surrey

Leader of Nottinghamshire Council criticises council tax ‘sweetheart deal’ in Surrey

The leader of Nottinghamshire County Council has criticised an alleged tax deal that has been offered to a local authority in Surrey.

You've been having your say on our Facebook page for the past few days.

YOUR SAY: How would Mansfield vote if the EU referendum was today?

It's been more than seven months since Britain voted to leave the European Union and let's face it, we're still not much clearer on what the decision actually means.
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Brexit vote: how did your MP vote to start the process of withdrawal from the EU?

The Prime Minister has been given the green light to formally start the Brexit process after a huge majority of MPs voted in favour last night.

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Veteran MP Dennis Skinner, The Beast of Bolsover, finished in 576th place.

VIDEO: Dennis Skinner compares Donald Trump to Hitler and Mussolini

Fireband Bolsover MP Dennis Skinner has said Donald Trump is a fascist and likened him to Hitler and Mussolini during a speech in the House of Commons.

Dennis Skinner.

'Beast of Bolsover' Dennis Skinner brands Donald Trump a 'fascist'

Bolsover MP Dennis Skinner has described US President Donald Trump as a 'fascist'.
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EU (Stock image)

YOUR VIEWS: Mansfield reliance on EU exports

Mansfield has been named as one of the areas most reliant on EU exports as new research suggests the impact of leaving the EU once Article 50 kicks in.

Heavy rain forecast in Notts this weekend

Heavy rain forecast in Notts this weekend

Heavy rain is forecast over the weekend sparking a warning from Nottinghamshire police.


Supreme Court rules Act of Parliament is needed to trigger Brexit Article 50

The Supreme Court has this morning ruled that the government cannot trigger Brexit without an act of Parliament.
COLUMN: What does 2017 have in store for Mansfield?

COLUMN: What does 2017 have in store for Mansfield?

Looking back, 2016 was a monumental year for politics and the nation’s future prospect following the EU referendum result, 72 per cent of Mansfield people and 52 per cent of the UK’s population voted to leave.

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Council Tax image for Action Desk

Council tax to rise in Clipstone to pay for new community centre

Residents in Clipstone face an increase in council tax to help fund a new community centre in the area.

One of the new Enviro200 buses which now run Trent Bartons Nines route.

Alfreton council raises safety fears over new buses

Alfreton Town Council has raised concerns over safety and congestion ahead of the introduction of a new bus fleet against residents’ wishes.

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Sherwood MP Mark Spencer

REVEALED: The Nottinghamshire MPs voters would most like to have sex with

Sherwood MP Mark Spencer has been named as the male Nottinghamshire MP most voters would like to have sex with - on a controversial website that is banned at Parliament.

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