Picnic Cinema at the Pines

A Picnic Cinema event at Gisburn Forest last year.
A Picnic Cinema event at Gisburn Forest last year.

The tranquil setting of Clipstone’s Sherwood Pines has hosted live music for a number of years but this weekend is set to turn to another of the arts when it hosts an open air cinema event.

Picnic Cinema is run by Eden Arts, an arts organisation and charity based in Penrith in Cumbria.

They are putting on two cinema showings this weekend: horror film The Blair Witch Project (15) is being screened on Friday and comedy Robin Hood Men in Tights is being screened on Saturday.

Non-camping tickets are £18 or it is £28 if you do wnat to camp. Child non-camping tickets are £7 or £14 with camping. A two-night pass is £32 for non-campers or £50 for campers. All plus £ booking fee per ticket.

Visit www.picniccinema.co.uk to book.

All income raised helps support Remote, a rural touring cinema project that helps put on cinema screenings in rural villages.