TV favourite in Royal stage thriller

Christopher Timothy in Dial M for Murder
Christopher Timothy in Dial M for Murder

Lucy Bailey’s acclaimed production of Dial M for Murder is set to thrill audiences at Nottingham Theatre Royal later this month.

Made famous by Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film version, it tells the story of the cold and calculating Tony Wendice who is convinced his wife is having an affair.

He sets out to plan and execute the perfect murder - until it falters in the most unexpected way.

Described as claustrophobic and frightening, this exciting production reclaims this brilliant and erotic tale of betrayal, passion and ultimately, murder.

Actor, television director and writer Christopher Timothy plays the role of Inspector Hubbard.

Best known for his TV roles as James Herriott in All Creatures Great and Small and as Mac McGuire in BBC’s long-running daytime show Doctors, he is relishing the role.

“When I was first asked to play Inspector Hubbard in this production of Dial M for Murder, my first reaction was to wonder if it wasn’t rather old hat. But when I read it, I realised that in fact it’s a really good play,” he said.

Insp Hubbard is a former Army officer who has risen through the ranks and helps establish the plot in the audience’s mind with his dialogue.

Christopher added: “What Lucy said about Hubbard being in the army gave me a clue to him. I felt that he’d be older than the rest of the characters and not as posh. I saw him wandering around the set, picking up objects then replacing them, a bit in the style of Columbo, as played by the wonderful Peter Falk.”

Kelly Hotten plays the role of Sheila Wendice, with Daniel Betts as Tony Wendice, Philip Cairns as Max Halliday and Robert Perkins as Captain Lesgate.

Dial M for Murder runs from 22nd –26th April.