Playland sees duo go head to head

Derby Theatre is the venue for a touring production of Athol Fugard’s work Playland, which can be seen there on February 13-14.

In the heart of rural South Africa, a travelling amusement park has opened its doors.

With the country in the grip of the apartheid regime, the park promises an evening of thrills and laughter.

Martinus is a black South African, the amusement park’s nightwatchman.

Gideon, a white Afrikaner and ex-serviceman, has come along for a good night out.

When they find themselves face to face, their encounter is charged with history and danger.

Athol Fugard is one of the world’s most performed living playwrights and a fearless chronicler of South Africa and its troubled history.

Playland is one of his most personal offerings and is a rarely performed play. It is gripping, comic and moving.

Playland contains strong language and descriptions of a violent and sexual nature, so it is not recommended for those under 16.

Performances on both days start at 7.30pm.

Call the box office for ticket details on 01332 593939.