Dance magic with Cleopatra at Nottingham Theatre Royal

DANCE fans are invited to a new production by Northern Ballet of Cleopatra at Nottingham’s Theatre Royal this month.

The show, which opens on 27th September and runs until 1st October, will be visiting the city as part of a national tour.

This new production is choreographed by Artistic Director David Nixon OBE to a score composed by celebrated composer Claude-Michel Schönberg, best known across the world for Les Misérables and Miss Saigon. Cleopatra explores the life of perhaps the most powerful woman in the world at the time and her passionate love affairs with Marc Antony and Julius Caesar.

Claude-Michel Schönberg said: “From the moment David Nixon suggested the ballet of Cleopatra, it took me five years to find an elusive spark of inspiration. I had to understand how sensuous the way of life was in Egypt, the opposite to the culture of Rome.

“I realised that the chaos of being in love with such a woman as Cleopatra put the Roman Emperor and his Empire in danger. That’s what the score is trying to reflect without falling into clichés associated with that era. “The relationship between Rome and Egypt is another aspect of the Yin and the Yang - the perfect incompatibility responsible for the drama of destinies.”

David Nixon said: “I have been fascinated by the story of Cleopatra for a long time. I think it’s the name, it’s just so iconic. It has echoed through the centuries and it doesn’t lose its resonance. 2,000 years later she is as popular as she ever was, in fact more so. I think the legend and the mystery of the woman grows rather than lessens.

“There is little factual information about her yet she managed to hold in her grasp two of the most powerful men in history. She was in some ways beautiful and unbelievably sensual for the almost barbaric Romans but she was also a woman, mother and above all a queen.”

• The show starts at 7.30pm and tickets are priced between £11 and £35. For details call 0115 989 555 or visit