Comedy troupe has plenty to shout about at Nottingham Glee

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The Noise Next Door is the leading improv comedy troupe and the group’s 2017 tour brings them to Nottingham Glee for a performance on March 2.

This is The Noise Next Door’s fourth national tour and their popularity is ever increasing.

Using suggestions made by the audience the guys - Charlie Granville, Matt Grant, Tom Livingstone and Sam Pacelli - transform them into hilarious scenes and songs. This means that every show is a unique performance and filled with their very distinct brand of off-the-cuff comedy.

The Noise Next Door have taken the comedy world by storm and their latest nationwide tour is called Uproar!

Nine-time sell-out veterans of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and one of the most sought after headline acts on the comedy circuit, they leave audiences everywhere in awe of their lightning-quick wit and totally original comedic talents

The gig starts at 8pm. For more details, you can 0871 472 0400 or go to

Photo by Steve Ullathorne