Clare Free headlines at Miller’s in Kirkby

MILLER’S Snooker Club on Diamond Avenue in Kirkby is getting ready to welcome highly-acclaimed blues artist Clare Free next week.

The gig, which takes place on 31st May, will see the singer-songwriter perform her brand of passionate blues as part of the club’s regular blues nights.

Clare has previously worked with a number of bands - but she now wants to be in charge of her own musical direction and in the past year she has been featured in publications such as Guitar and Bass and Blues Matters in the UK and Blue Monthly and Guitar in the USA.

Organiser Rob Knowles said: “We expect many different things from the blues today but perhaps Clare’s music is best summed up by the Spanish Blues radio station Le Hora Del Blues who said: ‘Her Music is fresh and happy.

“What more could you ask for an evening out?”

• For details on the gig call Rob Knowles on 07957206605 or visit https://sites.google.com/site/millerslivebands/home.