Burke shines as Bodyguard makes a successful leap from screen to stage

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The Bodyguard - which is on at Nottingham’s Royal Concert Hall until Saturday, October 24 - doesn’t take long to get started, writes Amy Hirst.

Those who have seen it will know what I mean. Those who haven’t, make sure you’re in your seats for curtains up.

Comparisons to the 1992 blockbuster movie are inevitable in terms of the storyline in particular. I definitely wondered if the same suspense could be created on stage, but it can and was.

The twists and turns, played out sometimes in abstract scenes, had the audience audibly gasping.

Alexandra Burke, as Rachel Marron, can certainly sing and belted out all of the songs you would expect to hear in this musical and more. One Moment in Time, I’m Every Woman, The Greatest Love of All and of course I Will Always Love You are all delivered flawlessly.

The X Factor winner also proved herself as a dancer with a host of energetic routines, and as an actress too. She was very convincing as the diva who doesn’t want a bodyguard but is forced to hire one thanks to a crazed stalker, played very believably by Mike Denman.

Stuart Reid as Frank Farmer the bodyguard, also impressed. Rachel’s son Fletcher, played by Daniel Daszek-Green, was excellent. His dance moves deservedly got a huge cheer.

With the story, a sprinkling of comedy and several showstopping musical numbers, it’s easy to see how the show is so successful.