VIDEO: The Singing Family Pets - does your pet have star quality too?

Tipped to be a possible Number One, a group of real life household family pets have become the first ever pet pop group - but can YOUR dog or cat do better?!

The Singing Family Pets are described as a group of lovable household pets with the ‘Ahhh Factor’.

Distributed by Nova Sales and distribution / Universal and published by The Music Sales Group print, publishers for Coldplay and Adele, they are the brainchild of TV and radio PR man and music entrepreneur Jeff Chegwin.

Their single, Shake a Leg is released on Monday.

But we want to know if YOUR dog, cat, goldfish or budgie has also got star quality?

If you think your animal also has star quality send us a short video clip of him or her in action and we’ll feature the best on our website.

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