Sample the musical magic of Mnozil aces


The virtuosic brass group Mnozil will be displaying their incredible musical talents in a performance at Nottingham’s Royal Concert Hall on Thursday, September 24.

The world’s leading brass ensemble are currently on tour with their latest show.

This septet from Vienna is probably the strangest brass ensemble ever.

With their musical virtuosity mixed with their unique kind of comedy the only way to

describe Mnozil Brass is possibly to label them a cross between Mr Bean and the ‘Monty Python of the music world’.

With 130 performances a year worldwide, they are currently the most famous music ensemble in the world.

They really have to be seen to be believed - which is why their concerts are selling out - so don’t miss this brand new show, which is called YES! YES! YES!

For ticket availability, you can call the box office at the Royal Centre on 0115 9895555 or you can go online to