RockMelon launch project for ‘like-minded’ musicians

MANSFIELD indie four-piece RockMelon are fronting a new project which brings together like-minded talented musicians from across the town.

The Real Music Project was launched at Warsop’s Black Market last Monday with the aim of bringing together a group of bands who are overlooked by the music industry at national level.

The band were joined by acts Tastebuds, Zadkiel and Rob Hible and guitarist Anthony Hible said the night was a success.

“The people who attended said they fully supported our ideas, and we were approached several times by people keen to know more,” he said.

“We want to celebrate what it means to actually perform music in part as a reaction against the manufactured, auto-tuned blandness of commercial pop, but also to get these talented musicians heard by a wider audience.

“Everyone who cares about real music is already out there, and so our aim is purely to bring those people together, with no aim of making money.

“We feel in our area alone, there are dozens of fantastic, talented musicians who work hard to write, play, perform and entertain people purely because they enjoy it, and not because they seek to make it into a business.

“Our project will hopefully bring together like-minded people, not only to celebrate real music and musicianship, but also with an aim to taking our voice to a national level.”

Email for more details.